Privacy Policy/GDPR

I respect all client’s privacy and do not share any data with any other person, company or entity.  The only client data kept is the initial signed contract and client contact details – name, an agreed contact method and GP details.  While the signed contract is kept securely for seven years all other information is deleted upon the mutually agreed end of consultation or if client contact is lost after 30 days.  At this time, all data including text and email messages, but excluding the contract, is deleted and noted in a written log.  The signed contract is kept securely in a locked filing cabinet.

I do not keep any other data or case notes of any sort.   In the unlikely event of any data breach you will be informed within 72 hours of the event.  Should a client wish to see information held by me all requests will be acknowledged and responded to within 30 days at no cost to the client.

Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

I am registered with the ICO and ensure that any of your personal is processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner.  Data is to be collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes.  Data is accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.  Data is to be kept in identifiable form no longer than is necessary for data processing purposes and data is processed with appropriate security of the personal data.   In my role as counsellor I hold responsibility for compliance with these principles.


Further details of circumstances where I may need to break confidentiality in accordance with BACP and UK laws if I believe that you are at risk or putting others at risk.

Offences under:

The Terrorism Act

The Children Act

Proceeds of Crime

Road Traffic Act

I would make every effort to contact you first.


Complaint procedure

Any complaints may be made to ICO or BACP via their formal complaints procedure available on their websites.

Unforeseen circumstances

If for any reason I cannot get in contact within the agreed time frame I will send you a brief text by mobile phone.  If I am unable to contact you due to serious illness or injury my supervisor would in those circumstances be able to make any suitable arrangements.


During the work I will regularly review how the counselling is going for you and evaluate if it is still the most suitable form of support for you.  If you or I feel the work is not suitable and that I am not able to provide you with the level of support you require then we both have the right to discontinue the work and I will help you find an alternative support if possible.