Jules Petrie, Reflective Counselling, respects all clients privacy and does not share any data with any other person, company or entity. The only client data kept is a client’s initial signed contract and client contact details – name and an agreed contact method (email or phone number). While the signed contract is kept securely for seven years all other information is deleted upon the mutually agreed end of consultation or if client contact is lost after 30 days. At this time all data including text and email messages but excluding the contract, is deleted and noted in a written log maintained by Jules Petrie, Reflective Counselling. Please note:

  • The signed client contract is kept securely in a locked filing cabinet in the office of Jules Petrie, Reflective Counselling.
  • In the event that Jules Petrie, Reflective Counselling ceases to operate client contracts will be held for no more than seven years by an authorised supervisor.

Jules Petrie, Reflective Counselling, does not keep any other data or case notes of any sort. In the unlikely event of any data breach you will be informed within 72 hours of the event. Should a client wish to see information held by Jules Petrie, Reflective Counselling all requests will be acknowledged and responded to within 30 days at no cost to the client.